Q. Are the mobile phones Technese sell to me compatible to my local mobile network?

A. All mobile phones rely on signal from a mobile phone network.The strength or quality of the mobile coverage is largely determined by the coverage of your local mobile phone networks. The signal between the mobile handset and the phone network can be affected or blocked in rural areas or ‘dead zones’ where the mobile signal is blocked by tunnels, hills or dense tall buildings. We strongly advise you to contact your local mobile phone networks to check the coverage in the areas you are most likely use your phone, before you make a purchase.



Q. Do I need an account when placing orders?

A. There is no need to register for an account to place an order with us; all you need therefore is an email address and the delivery details. However, we still recommend that you register an account with us as it may, in some circumstances, assist us in shipping more efficiently and speed up our processing pace. It is also easier for you to access tracking information for your orders and as well as to view your current and past orders.



Q. How do I create an account?

A. Follow the simple steps below to create an account in order to keep track of your orders and create a wishlist of your favourite products.


  1. Go to My Account menu and choose “Sign up”.
  2. Enter all mandatory fields (First Name, Last Name, User Name, Email Address, etc.)
  3. Check the box to agree to our T&C and Privacy Policy.
  4. Check the box if you do not want to receive regular email newsletter updates from us.
  5. Click the “Create An Account” button to complete the sign up process.



Q. How do I know if I have placed an order with you?

A. After placing a successful order on our website, an ‘Order Confirmation’ email will be sent to your registered email address with a summary of your order. You can also log on to “My Account” to review your order detail in “Order History”. If you checkout with a guest account, you can refer to the ‘Order Confirmation’ email for your order number, which you may quote to [email protected]  should you have any inquiries regarding to your order.



Q. How can I cancel my orders?

A. Customer’s order begins processing immediately after he/she received the Order Number. During processing time, it may be possible to change/cancel the order. However, if the order is undergoing the delivery process, the order cannot be canceled/changed.
If you want to change or cancel the order, go to “My Account” —> “Order History” —> “Order Details”
At this page, you can see all your orders and could decide to change your mind or keep buying product(s) from us. When you would like to cancel the order, you must provide us the reason for that request such as (shipping fees, delivery time, found better deal on the same product which you ordered, others…)




Q. When will I receive a refund of a cancelled order?

A. Please expect 2 – 6 working days to process any refund amount upon our written agreement to offer a refund. The refund will be issued via your original payment method unless otherwise communicated.



Q. Can I claim manufacturer cashback for the goods I buy from your website?

A. Goods that purchased from our website cannot be claimed for cashback at their respective manufacturers.



Q. The price of the item that I have purchase is cheaper now, could I get the refund of the price difference?

A. Our listing price fluctuate from time to time due to the demand and supply of the specific item. We are unable to issue the refund of the price difference.



Q. Would I find an official charger from your product?

A. As we source item globally, the item you have purchased will come with the original charger, but if the charger that comes in the box is not your local plug, we will provide a travel adapter for you to use the item.



Q. Can I request a refund if the free gift from promotion is not the way I expected?

A. We are sorry to inform you that we would not able to provide any refund in any scenario that includes but not limited to: the free gift is the incorrect size / does not match the colour as described / differ from the photo shown on the site.



Q. What would be the operating language for my ordered product?

A. The product we sell would come with the default language setting, which would be in English (International). For certain Chinese brand mobile phones however, may contain Chinese apps that are pre-installed by the manufacturer.



Q. Are your products second hand, refurbished or used?

A. All our products are brand new and unused. Our team of technicians will perform quality checking on the stock before dispatch, in such case you may find your order unsealed. However, please rest assured that the item(s) we sent you is brand new and 100% original. You are only able to return it in the case the item(s) you received is faulty or DOA. Being unsealed is not a valid request for a replacement.



Q. How do I calculate the delivery costs and charges?

A. We offer free shipping to the United Kingdom only. Hence, there will be a delivery charge to orders delivering to other countries, which can be calculated at checkout when you enter a postal code and click “Submit”



Q. Who handles the delivery of my items?

A. Technese has established partnerships with several local couriers and therefore your orders will be delivered using these designated couriers of the delivery countries such as Royal Mail, Collisimo, DHL, Hermes, BRG, Post NL, or SEUR.




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